Discover The Key To Financial Freedom and Wealth Creation

"The Key" is the story of Sanjay and Sridhar who face some difficult situations in life and realize that it is the lack of financial literacy which have led them to this situation. Fortunately they find a mentor in Shriva and Manu who hand holds them, presents the concepts of finance in a simple and lucid manner and motivate them follow the path to wealth creation and financial freedom besides steering them out of the current situation they are facing.

One of the biggest problems which individuals face when they reach the age of 30-35 is the lack of required financial knowledge to do better in life and plan for their future. This is because they have been never taught to be financially literate. They can read, write, and even have skills to earn their living but they do not have the skills to manage money.


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What to Expect?

In this book you will discover
The five essential aspects of investing to create wealth
The crucial process to plan your future
Mistakes people make on their journey to financial freedom
How and when to start investing more

About The Author

Manoj Shrivastava

Manoj Shrivastava is an IT Leader who has learned the art of wealth creation the hard way. With no formal financial education in his school and college he was tied between his temptations to consumerism and his desire to create wealth for himself and his child. More often than not the temptations won over the desire. After a decade of work he had no more than 10 grands in his bank account and he got red faced when his father needed some money for an emergency and he had to deny due to unavailability of funds. Not only his parents but he too was surprised with what little he achieved. That was his moment of reckoning and he did some serious introspection.

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Who should read it


If you are a working professional and do not understand personal finance well, this book is for you.

New Investor

If you are planning to start investing this book is for you.

Casual investor

If you are a casual investor who does not invest regularly this is for you.


If you need a motivation to start planning your finances this book is for you.
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The Testimonials

Rajeev Batra

"Manoj has put across an extremely simple, unambiguous story on practical ways to manage and multiply wealth in ones' life".

Nitin Tandon

Managing your money is tough and with skyrocketing costs of goods and inflation things are getting more worst. Luckily, I don’t have to go back for a degree in personal finance, because i came to know plenty of things in the course "Money Wise Foundation" by Manoj Shrivastava.

Arshad Kamaal

Balance between enjoying today and creating wealth is very important. We don’t need to be miser, however right approach to budget and investment planning is key to financial success. When should I invest? How to invest? How to create wealth? This book clearly answers many of such queries.